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A Series of MongoPush Events

MongoPush is not only a data migration tool but also a database cluster transformation solution.  Data migration is one of many functions mongopush has. Another Bold Stroke In my tenure at Professional Services, December has been a month full of customer requested cancellations and thus resulting in many last minute engagements.  Right before the December holidays in 2020, I was assigned to an Atlas migration consultation on a short notice.  A colleague of mine already demonstrated to the customer a replica set migration to Atlas using the mongomirror tool in a previous meeting.  The customer asked me to use the same procedure and tool to mirror a 3-shard cluster to Atlas.  Unfortunately, it was not possible to migrate a sharded cluster using a simple mongomirror command.  After explaining the steps of migrating a sharded cluster using multiple modified mongomirror instances, the idea of simplifying the process of migrating sharded clusters began brewing in my head. The mongomirror