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Streamline Your MongoDB Log Analysis with Hatchet

Unleashing the Power of MongoDB Logs Tired of scrolling through endless lines of MongoDB logs? Ready to take a break from the monotony of log analysis? Look no further! Hatchet is here to bring a little fun to your log analysis journey. Born out of passion and crafted with care, Hatchet was created to enhance the log analysis capabilities of Keyhole . In the last week of 2022, during the early mornings before taking my furry friend for a walk, I spent an hour each day to bring Hatchet to life. With the change to structured JSON format in MongoDB v4.4, popular log analysis tools like mtools became obsolete. But Hatchet rose to the challenge and provided a better solution. Say goodbye to the hassle of preliminary log analysis and hello to Hatchet's key features, such as parsing, organizing, visualizing, searching, and filtering your MongoDB logs with ease. No more struggling to retrieve valuable information from log attributes, and no more converting JSON logs back to legacy forma