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Sizing a MongoDB Cluster

This blog is a series of Sizing a MongoDB Cluster videos. Computer and I/O This video is about how things work inside a computer at a high level.  You will learn about the three important components of a computer, and the steps take place to support both read and write operations.  Let’s get started.   Memory and Sizing Database servers, in general, use up as much memory as possible, and it certainly applies to mongo servers. In this video, you will learn about different memory usages related to a mongo server. Let’s get started. Survey Your Mongo Land Unlocking MongoDB Excellence: Dive into the enriched capabilities of Keyhole and Maobi. Explore a realm of tools that go beyond, from monitoring memory usage to direct interaction with Atlas clusters. Discover load testing, change streams insights, index clarity, and efficient database cloning – all at your fingertips.

What does the name simagix mean?

So, I left the consulting engineer job I once loved. Things happen for their reasons and I believe everything always turns positive. As a curriculum engineer now, I have a chance to be involved with something I did well before. Having a long software career, before I studied Computer Science, I earned a bachelor degree in Industrial Design and learned a few musical instruments over the years. My love for technologies doesn't change and I'll perhaps continue contributing to the software community in a different path. Making video blogs and animations is fun so far. Let me first begin with the name simagix. Simagix is not a catchy name and even myself have different ways of saying it. In this video clip, I'll explain where the name came from in this short video.