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Streamline Keyhole and Maobi Reports Creation

  In this short article, I will share the instructions on how to streamline Keyhole and Maobi to create HTML reports.  Like I have explained in the Maobi - Reports Generator for Keyhole , Maobi was originally created for my own use and the idea was to create a web interface to present results instead of sharing text-based terminal screens. During the time of developing Maobi, I wanted to review the reports first before sharing them.  Therefore, the design was to have Keyhole output metadata to a file, and Maobi can generate reports from the metadata.  Over the years, automating the report creation has been brought up many times, mainly from those who have strong wills to automate everything.  Beginning Maobi v1.7.0 , I have made the automation possible by enhancing the API and also adding a -maobi flag to Keyhole v1.1.0 . Upload Metadata To create an HTML report, you can upload the metadata, generated by Keyhole, to Maobi using a curl command.  To start Maobi, use the command below