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MongoPush Your GridFS to Atlas

GridFS is one of the most popular features of MongoDB and many implementations use GridFS as their file system to store binary files, such as PDF documents and images.  Atlas is also gaining popularity among corporations and has become the home of many mission critical databases.  In this blog, I will be solving an interesting use case of migrating a replica set to Atlas, but the existing storage size is greater than the maximum Atlas allows. Use Case For applications use GridFS and without a high transaction rate, a replica set works well. The maximum storage size Atlas allows is 4TB but the storage provided by Cloud providers can go as high as 16TB on a single volume . The challenge is to migrate 10TB compressed data into a 4TB bucket. To scale out, converting to a sharded cluster is recommended, but the team is seeking a way to complete data migration to Atlas immediately with minimum application changes. The Officially Supported Way Let’s first examine the officially supported me